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Welcome to Our Wellness Paradise

We aim to promote self-love as a lifestyle for the betterment of an individual's health and wellbeing.


The love of self-indulgence, travel and overall wellness intrigued Oratilwe(the owner) with an idea of offering a Spa experience at affordable prices to encourage wellness, self-care and happiness as a choice of lifestyle.The home she shared with her mother and siblings had become empty without everyone and seemed so big for only one person, just then she knew she had to create something magnificent out of their loving home and share its warmth by creating a wellness destination. 
"I immediately pictured a place of restoration, tranquillity and peace to achieve balance, calm the mind, heal the body and renew the spirit" so the birth of Mesora Day Spa came to be."

The Name Mesora is derived from the first three letters of the owner's names, Oratilwe and Mesele. The Sunflower is a symbolic of "happiness and self-love" in the context of the Spa


A tranquil destination of choice providing affordable quality services for mind, body and soul restoration through luxurious rejuvenating experiences.

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